Registration & Enrollment

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Victor School of Performing Arts has the mission of teaching quality dance and producing skilled dancers who train with commitment. Only consistency and willingness to work hard produce physical and artistic excellence. Dancers who enroll at VPA contract to dance for 10 months from September through June- or from whichever month dancer enrolls, through the end of June. (Adult ballet and Ballet 1 are exempt from this contract.) Signing your enrollment agreement means you will be paying for your classes through to the end of June. (Those who happen to be leaving for summer trips at the end of June can plan ahead and do makeups ahead of time.)

Monthly tuition amounts based on the number of classes chosen, are averaged taking into account the vacations and holidays throughout the year & varying weeks of the months. This means each month you will be paying the same.

School Rules

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VPA is determined to teach students not only the best in ballet and dance, but etiquette skills that will ensure an easier and more successful result in the dance world and in life! Traditional ballet etiquette and basic manners are required.

Private Classes, Class Makeup, & Guest Teachers

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Policy for Makeup Classes: When student misses a class, she/he may make it up in an appropriate class within the month that class was missed. Past that month, the class is forfeited. You are given at your own discretion responsibility to remember how many makeups you need to do-- makeups are attended on an honor-basis.

Private Class: Paid for prior to class event. Reservation for private class is nonrefundable. Previously scheduled/paid-for private classes if missed cannot be made up due to the set schedule being occupied by the reservation; Class fee is forfeited.

Guest Teachers: VPA’s goals to instill eventual pre-professional technique and expanded awareness of the beauties of the dance world includes bringing in active professionals and revered teachers to train our dancers. Periodically we bring in guest teachers who usually stay for one week. The upcharge for their classes is $10 per class. You will be typically told at least two months ahead of time when they are coming. (Private classes with these teachers are available for $130 per 1.5 hours.)

Vacation days are as followed:
Thanksgiving: No classes November 23,24,25
Christmas: No classes December 18 through 31st (Classes resume January 3 Tues., 2017)
Spring Break: No classes March 26 through April 1st
Memorial Day: no class May 29

One Student

$65.00 per hour
$98.00 for 1.5 hours


Two Students

$57.00 each for 1.5 hours
$74.00 each for 2 hours


Three Students

$43.00 each for 1.5 hours
$63.00 each for 2 hours

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Duo private lesson