The physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of ballet training are profound. Ballet as an art stays with a person throughout life as a force of inspiration and dignity, opening windows of knowledge about history, music and human aspirations. Our school offers an inspiring and beautiful space for students as well as parents to enjoy dance classes with a coffee bar, reading area and open observation lounge.

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Our new Kwai grand piano being played by
guest musician Nadia Malinovski.

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Our Mission

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Knowing a little about ballet is different from knowing how to teach ballet properly. Victor School of Performing Arts approaches the grand art of Ballet with an expertise that comes from the highest levels of performance in the United States. Our mission is to present real ballet, not an imitation, sharing the training regimen and know-how obtained through legendary teachers and dancing onstage with stars like Mikhail Baryshnikov. Experience dancing with American Ballet Theatre in New York City gives Director Joy Victor an authority on how ballet classes should be taught, and how young dancers should progress. VPA specializes in expert ballet instruction for ages 5 and up including adult ballet.

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Your Growth

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Students at our school receive training from teachers who have had contact with celebrated artists and instructors of the dance world. VPA offers an extra facet of arts education whether dance, music or theater in the form of movie nights, sleepovers, field trips, party events and beloved guest teachers who come from the highest levels of performance and attainment.

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Offering THREE CLASSES of level BALLET 1 for ages 5-9: Tuesday at 4:15-5:15 ages (5-8), Monday and Thursday 4:15-5:15 ages (6-9)
for those having had previous instruction.


Ballet 1 is exempt from 10 month dance contract for other levels.

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“Joy is the best kept secret in Bend!” Peter Brownlee, premiere piano instructor in Bend, trained at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.